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Hello there! We're thrilled to finally make your acquaintance and share a bit about ourselves. I'm Jaime, the proud owner of Olive Ave, and this dashing gentleman beside me is Tyrel, tech and wife support extraordinaire. Our journey with Olive Ave began a year ago with a simple goal – to offer quality clothes at affordable prices for every body shape.

The name Olive Ave holds a special place in my heart. Inspired by my cherished great-grandmother, Olive, a soulful, loving, and beautiful spirit, it felt like the perfect fit for a brand that aims to make women feel beautiful, regardless of their background, style or budget.

Our family is the heartbeat of Olive Ave, with two children who light up our world. We're a close-knit, loving bunch, always ready to lend a hand wherever needed. We are all thrilled and grateful to be part of Olive Ave and your lives!