• Heart of our Hometown Awards

    This heartwarming initiative aims to honor individuals and businesses within our community who have had a profound and positive impact on the lives of residents, celebrating the unsung heroes who exemplify Christ-like behavior in their everyday actions.
    The winner's picture and heartwarming story is available below. Each winner will receive an essay of the Nomination Form in their gift basket. The winner's picture and a brief description will be posted on Facebook Morgan Moms & Morgan Dads the day they are announced as well.


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Susana Chard

Susana consistently shows up wherever there is a need, contributing in any way possible. Her impact extends across various community organizations, businesses, and notably at work within the Morgan School District, where she acts as an angel, caring for teachers, parents, and children alike.

In the two decades I've worked at Morgan Elementary, I've witnessed Susana's incredible dedication. Her influence is especially evident as she works with ESL (English Second Language) students, bridging the language barrier at school. Susana goes beyond daily support in the classroom; she becomes deeply involved with these students and their families, offering financial assistance for food and school supplies. Her generosity extends to buying books and other necessities for the students, demonstrating a level of care that goes above and beyond. Off the clock, she generously gives her time to help with homework, answer parental questions, and support families through challenging times. Over the years, Susana's impact has reached numerous children and families during their most difficult moments.

The countless acts of kindness and love Susana performs often go unnoticed, as she prefers to remain anonymous in her efforts. Her humility is coupled with a myriad of admirable qualities—kindness, sincerity, compassion, patience, and a sense of humor. Yet, her most Christ-like attribute is undoubtedly her consistent prioritization of others, even when it comes at inconvenient times. Susana's selflessness remains unwavering. She and her husband prioritized putting others first. Susana continues this legacy with a daily commitment to serve and love, always accompanied by a warm smile.

On a personal note, I've experienced Susana's incredible service firsthand. Her thoughtful gestures, such as flowers, homemade empanadas, treat baskets, and heartfelt hugs, have provided immense comfort, especially during the loss of my father two years ago. Susana's enduring support includes planting a tree in my family's honor and remembering the anniversary of my father's passing each year with a kind phone call and comforting words. Her ability to sense when someone needs support is truly remarkable and highlights her exceptional character. Despite my attempts to reciprocate her kindness, Susana consistently outpaces me with her unmatched generosity. She is truly an extraordinary and irreplaceable individual.

Cindy McKee

Cindy McKee stands as a true servant leader in our community, dedicating
approximately two years to managing the Morgan County Food Pantry. Cindy,
alongside her husband, assumed the responsibility of overseeing the food
pantry, covering rent and utilities without hesitation. Demonstrating an
exceptional commitment to service, Cindy spends countless hours ensuring the
pantry is well-maintained and organized, offering a welcoming space for
individuals and families in need to access essential supplies.

Her efforts extend beyond the pantry's day-to-day operations. Cindy
traverses the canyon to pick up supplies that are not donated, meticulously
checks prices to make prudent use of donated funds and orchestrates extra
special holiday meals for 40-50 families during major holidays. Additionally,
she plays a pivotal role in organizing Sub for Santa gifts, providing support
and joy to families in our county.

Cindy's dedication goes beyond the tangible aspects of her work. Without
her selfless service, many families would face the prospect of going without,
experiencing overwhelming stress, empty tummies, and a Christmas devoid of the
magic that comes with gifts under the tree. I am deeply grateful for Cindy's
unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those in our

Candice Noss

I am honored to share my thoughts on Candice Noss. Candice is a remarkable individual, embodying authenticity and goodness in all she does. She has chosen to enroll her children in the Morgan School District, demonstrating her commitment to community.

Candice's selfless contributions to various aspects of our community are truly
commendable. In her dedication to keeping children active during winter, she
established the Jump Rope Club at Morgan Elementary School, volunteering her
time for the past several years with a radiant smile, uplifting words, and
unwavering optimism.

Beyond her role at the elementary school, Candice serves as the Morgan Girls High School Freshman Coach. Her enthusiasm, energy, and positivity have profoundly impacted the lives of every girl on her team, fostering a better environment for growth and development.

In addition to her community involvement, Candice runs The Mind, Body, Spirit Trifecta, a business that spreads hope and light by empowering women to embrace their divinity and greatness. Her positive influence extends beyond Morgan County, touching the lives of countless women.

Candice's service-oriented nature is evident in her summers spent leading humanitarian trips around the world, further emphasizing her dedication to making a positive impact globally.

Personally, I feel truly blessed to know and call Candice my friend. She is an incredible
woman, wife, mother, business owner, and friend, deserving of every opportunity
that comes her way.

Tiffany Ellis

Tiffany Ellis stands out as one of the most Christ-like individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Her service is not only effortless but also stems from an inexhaustible well of compassion, consistently extended to those in need. Taking on the challenging role of a foster mom, she displays a level of love and patience that is truly beyond my

For years, Tiff has quietly undertaken the significant responsibility of
feeding the homeless in Ogden, a monumental task that she manages with
humility, without seeking any public recognition. She graciously invites our
community to join in this noble endeavor. The image of her on a cold, rainy
Sunday afternoon, embracing the downtrodden and broken-hearted, remains etched in my memory. She sees individuals not as homeless, but as children of God, offering hugs that possess the extraordinary ability to quell the fear within.

Tiffany's recent undertaking involves assisting refugee families, and she
generously involves our community in this impactful initiative. Beyond her
humanitarian efforts, she serves as a positive influence for the youth in our
area. Whether volunteering in schools, contributing to community councils and
PTSOs, or fulfilling various church callings, Tiffany consistently demonstrates
her genuine and compassionate nature. Additionally, she imparts her knowledge by teaching nursing students at the high school level.

Being able to call Tiffany a friend is a true blessing. Her authentic character and golden-hearted nature inspire me to aspire to a better version of myself, encouraging me to reach out in love and service. In my eyes, there is no one more deserving of recognition with this beautiful award than Tiffany Ellis.

Dalynn Patterson

It brings me immense joy to put forward a nomination for Dalynn
Patterson! Dalynn and her family have invested immense effort in establishing a
local treasure, and the community absolutely adores it. A delightful tradition
has formed among a group of older gentlemen who gather each morning at Hinds
for a warm breakfast and friendly conversations. (Even my husband eagerly
anticipates joining this group upon retirement!) For my kids, a visit to Hinds
means choosing a favorite snack. Locals and employees from Wasatch Peaks alike
frequently head to Hinds for a satisfying hot lunch. Gary, with his remarkable
skills, consistently attends to numerous vehicles and manages to accommodate
emergency situations always. The entire team at Hinds is incredibly friendly,
contributing to a positive day-to-day experience.

Dalynn and her family go above and beyond in their community
involvement. The array of activities they organize is truly the icing on the
cake, and the list is extensive! From the highly anticipated annual pumpkin
drop to the engaging golf ball race during the bridge closure, and the festive
appearance of Santa around the holidays—Hinds' community engagement knows no
bounds. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 shutdown, Hinds sponsored
a socially distanced scavenger hunt, and my kids had a blast participating in
the paper airplane race. The list of community activities orchestrated by Hinds
goes on and on!

Our family is genuinely grateful to have Hinds, under Dalynn and her
family’s management, enriching our community. They are always willing to generously
donate items for events and show support for community events. Their annual
events, the day-to-day warmth, and the continuous support during community
challenges make Hinds a beloved establishment for us. We wholeheartedly love Dalynn and Hinds!